linuxconf 1.15r1 changes log

linuxconf 1.15r1 changes log

previous versions: 1.15r0.3
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After the 3 sub-releases, 1.15r1 is simply a full release to allow more people to get in. Not much report were sent from the sub-releases (which fixed many problems with dns and apache configuration). I guess this means things were good...

1.15r1 contains only minor stuff compared to 1.15r0.3


mrtg options

The options field has been turned into a Combo, making it easier to locate the available option (gauge for one).

Bug fixes

usermenu, privilege problems

There was a glitch there. When you setup a user menu, it creates a new privilege (one for each new user menu configuration). You must grant this privilege to the various co-administrator using the menu. You must also grant various privileges so they can effectively do something (pop administrator for example). There is no need to grant the main "Linuxconf access" privilege. This was the bug.