linuxconf 1.15r0.3 changes log

linuxconf 1.15r0.3 changes log

previous versions: 1.15r0.2
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This is another sub-release. It contains the result of many contributions and I feel that things are now shaping up. I will do 1.15r1 shortly if all goes well.

Again this is available as diff, source and SRPMS. Check out for details.


Apache module getting more complete and reliable

Thanks to Marcelo, the apache module is doing more stuff and will more gracefully operate with complex httpd.conf file. Here is a copy of his announce

dnsconf enhancement

Various enhancements were done to dnsconf since 1.15. A major rework of the zone file management (master and slave) has been done by Mathieu. This allows dnsconf to deal with secondary in the same way internally as primaries, in read-only mode. The visible parts are

In the future, you should be able to

Inter-module API: status module

The inter-module API (see misc/module_api) has been reworked to make it easier for a client to find out if an API is available. The function xxxx_api_available() exists now for all APIs (where xxxx is the name of the API).

The status module now export a small API to let other module present various reports. The first module to use it is the samba module. It uses it to present the output of the smbstatus command.

At some point, the status module will be changed to do a nicer looking job.

The samba module also insert itself in the status menu so you have access to smbstatus from both menu area (samba and status menu). In the future, other module will behave like this I guess.

samba enhancement

The user interface has been reworked. Various fields have been moved around and the dialogs have been reorganized in section (notebook in GUI mode).

Various fields were added. The printers share editing now works as well as the netlogon. I intend to work much more on samba in the coming weeks. Any big samba user out there. Please review this and let me know. Ask for more...