linuxconf 1.15r0.2 changes log

linuxconf 1.15r0.2 changes log

previous versions: 1.15r0.1
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This is a sub-release with many contribution, notably in the dnsconf and apache module. Test it out. Beat it. More contribution are on their way so I know there will be an 1.15r0.3 before a 1.15r1. The later should bring peace in the dns world :-)

Note that I am now using a new strategy for sub-releases. They will be available as source, source RPM and diffs. The idea is that I want developers and experienced tester to jump on those, not everyone. Most people are used to upgrade to the latest binary release, so they will be able to continue.


apache ssl support and scope directives

Marcelo have sent various enhancement to the apache module so it deals better with unknown (to the module) scope directives. Those with complex httpd.conf might want to give a try to this one.

There is also support for apache SSL (mod_ssl) extension. Please comment on them also.

dialog_textbox enhanced

A new class DIALOG_TEXTBOX allows more control on this function. It is used to display various text information (such as the help). We can now have text with more buttons. A primary usage of this rework is the managerpm module which will allow various operations when browsing packages. Coming ....

Many translations

I have received translation update for Spanish and Norsk

rework for secondaries

Mathieu have reworked dnsconf a bit to allow previewing of the secondaries. You can now configure access control for slave zones as well.

More work is needed on the user interface side though.