linuxconf 1.15r0.1 changes log

linuxconf 1.15r0.1 changes log

previous versions: 1.15
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/var/log/html_access.log: permissions

Permissions for this file have been changed to 600. Not that sensitive information, but it was possible to know what was accessed by the administrator.

Do not regenerate the sendmail database unless ...

When you install the mailconf module, it won't try to update the various db file unless you have generate once with Linuxconf.

firewall module working with ipchain (kernel 2.2)

This is preliminary. I have reworked the module so it either use the kernel 2.0 way or use the /sbin/ipchain utility. I did not use the ipchain-wrapper. I generate (each time) a script in /var/run/ and execute it. Check the output and test your firewall to make sure the behavior is unchanged.

I have notice one problem with forwarding rules. It seems that the semantic associated with the interface is different. Not sure. I have to check in the kernel code to understand what is happening here.

Again, check it out and retest carefully before committing your firewall to this new version.

rtl8139 added to help list

In basic host configuration, this module was added to the help list.

treemenu in askrunlevel: No activate button

When reconfiguring the workstation in the boot time menu (askrunlevel) there were an activate/change button which make no sens. It is removed now

Bug fixes

pppd idle-disconnect parameter

The dialout module was changed to use the idle parameter instead of the obsolete idle-disconnect parameter. Note that you can always use the "other pppd options" field to enter whatever you want. So if you use an older pppd, you UN-check the box and use this field.

Some parsing problem in /etc/named.conf

The way I was managing the "unknown to Linuxconf yet" directive in /etc/named.conf was inaccurate and causing a segfault.