linuxconf 1.15 changes log

linuxconf 1.15 changes log

previous versions: 1.14r4
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1.15 is the start of a new era... 1.14r4 should be in rh6.0, so I have reserved 1.14 for rh6.0 bug fixes. 1.15 will probably concentrate on everything :-), such as better integration with other distribution using the new sysv strategy in place since 1.14, enhancement to the user interface, more modules, more features, more ....


Few enhancements to the mrtg module

I have added more fields in the dialog, allowing more control over the graphics. I have also added two utilities to monitor memory and CPU usage. You can choose them from the pick list.

Module binary compatibility issues

Various problems were fixed in that area. To make it short, you will now be able to see errors that should never happen again...

More translations

I have received contributions for Swedish, Slovak, French, Czech , Spanish and even Chinese (Big5).

Bug fixes

file handle leak

A very old file handle leak was fixed. This was visible when using a large amount of IP aliases and complex firewall rules.