linuxconf 1.14r4 changes log

linuxconf 1.14r4 changes log

previous versions: 1.14r3.1
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This is a small release so people at Red Hat can synchronize (for rh6.0 release). Little enhancements. This is probably the last in the 1.14 era. 1.14 will be kept for red hat updates. 1.15 will be start soon.


Compilation option for modules

Modules were not compiled using -fPIC, which was a no-no on glibc-2.1. Various rules files were changed. If you develop independent module using the linuxconf-devel package, you simply have to modify your Makefile and define the OBJS macro with .os files instead of .o. This new extension means Object Shared.

Some more stuff in the status module

More files in /proc are visible with this module

Various spell checks

Various corrections to the English text.