linuxconf 1.14r3.1 changes log

linuxconf 1.14r3.1 changes log

previous versions: 1.14r3
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Mostly bug fixes related to kernel 2.2.


dnsconf: setting the notify field for primaries

A new field allows you to set the notify field of a zone to either no, yes or default. When set to default, you inherit the global setting you can already configure with 1.14r3.

IP aliases on kernel 2.2

Linuxconf was not able to probe IP aliases on kernel 2.2, so could not tell if they were already properly configured. On kernel 2.2, there is no limit for IP aliases on a device. On 2.0, there was one, configurable, and Linuxconf was able to reconfigure it on the fly. So the code deals with the two cases.

Routing on kernel 2.2

Linuxconf was not reading the file /proc/net/route properly on kernel 2.2. this file may contain old routes (not up) and this was confusing Linuxconf.