linuxconf 1.14r3 changes log

linuxconf 1.14r3 changes log

previous versions: 1.14r2
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1.14r3 is a bug fix release. 1.14r2 has turned out to be the buggiest ever with many unrelated bugs, all related to the same problem. Oddly, none of those bugs ever shows up on my development machine, even if the bug was genuine and relatively simple. Odd!


dnsconf: notify field handling

dnsconf was not handling the notify field properly. You can now set the general behavior in the feature screen. You can edit this for the zone for now, but you can set it manually and your setting will be preserved, including the absence of setting (inherit the default).. Thanks Matthieu!

LILO: more flexible for boot device selection

You can now enter any device you want in the "Install boot sector on" field. If you fail to enter something in the help list, Linuxconf will warn you but accept the input.

status module: /proc/mdstat

The module now report the content of the /proc/mdstat file (software raid).

Bug fixes

dnsconf corrupting SOA records

Because of a bug in misc/ and misc/, the various parameters of the SOA records were reset to 0. This is fixed.

dnsconf: IP allocation range

Because of the same bug related to the SSTRING, dnsconf always reports an invalid range syntax.

IP aliases rejecting ranges

Because of the SSTRING related bug, you could not enter IP range for IP aliases.

mailconf: user aliases

Various problems were fixed there, including the web mode and the gnome-linuxconf segfault.