linuxconf 1.14r2 changes log

linuxconf 1.14r2 changes log

previous versions: 1.14r1.1
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dnsconf: more support for bind8 features

The following features are now supported (you can set them from the user interface):

Further, unknown directives (Unmanaged by Linuxconf) are properly stored and rewritten back. I hope that this module will finally please all bind8 users... Check it out!

New inittab module

A new module has been created to manage the /etc/inittab file. This module is part of the Linuxconf core distribution. The module is fairly limited for now as it allows only to change the default run-level.

The module export an API to allow other module (or the Linuxconf core) to set/get the default run-level.

The first usage for this module is to allow Linuxconf to update the default run-level in the "boot mode/default boot mode" screen. Note that those using the askrunlevel utility (boot time menu) won't see any advantage. Those not using it will get an easy way to switch between graphic and text mode.

New strategy for sysv scripts

Linuxconf has two strategies to deal with System V init scripts. Both strategies are used/needed to deliver reliable activation control (activate changes). One strategy is used when sysv script are Linuxconf aware (such as found in Conectiva and Red-Hat distributions). In this case, Linuxconf blindly obey the sysv script rule. This is the way things should work on all distribution using SysV scripts.

Unfortunately, most distribution do not provide sysv script with information usable by Linuxconf. They are black boxes. Until now Linuxconf was overriding completely various sysv script in those distribution.

Now there is a new strategy that will be put in place in the near future. For each distribution, there is a directory /usr/lib/linuxconf/DIST/sysv. In that directory, we can put file that complement or override if needed the corresponding service in the distribution. Using this strategy, we will be able to better integrate with the distribution. If one day, the distribution decide to be Linuxconf-aware, they will simply fold the information in those files in their own sysv scripts..

Those interest in the enhanced sysv script concept promoted by Linuxconf can read

user accounts: fixing ownership of home directories

Until now, Linuxconf was not helpful when a user account was pointing to a HOME directory with improper ownership. You were not allowed to modify this account until the ownership issue was solved.

Linuxconf now pops a dialog allowing to either one of the following:

Note that when one of the last two option is selected, Linuxconf drops all privileges. You must be root to reassign ownership of a home directory.

Bug fixes

basic host information: validating IP numbers

The basic host information was validating the IP numbers without reference to the netmask. This was too restrictive. Now IP numbers are validated and Linuxconf will flag properly usage of the network number and broadcast address as the host IP number.

httpd.conf: better handling of unknown directives

When rewriting the httpd.conf file, Linuxconf was inserting a TAB in front of all directives which it does not manage. Now those directives are rewritten the way they were read.

Setting the keyboard key-map

The feature dialog was buggy. Linuxconf was not using the proper strategy to browse though the various key-maps files. The help list was always empty. Fixed!