linuxconf 1.13r15 changes log

linuxconf 1.13r15 changes log

previous versions: 1.13r14.2
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1.13r15 is a collection of bug fixes and little enhancements.


Delete DNS domain from the command line

You can now delete a domain by using the following command

/sbin/dnsconf --deldomain domain

HINFO and RP records now supported in DNS

The dnsconf module has never supported those records and was complaining when one was adding those by hands. It is fixed.

More translations updates

I have received contributions from the French, Swedish, Slovak, Spanish and Portuguese. Keep on the good work.

various fixes for Debian packaging

Various fixes were done to better match debian 2.x permission settings and configuration file paths. This will help the Linuxconf Debian maintainer.

Bug fixes

LILO root device too restrictive

The LILO configuration was too restrictive. The only root device accepted was /dev/fd? (the floppies) or the various partition seen by "fdisk -l". I have added /dev/md* to this list (multiple device and raid)

Missing files for SuSE installation

1.13r14 was missing 2 files needed for the first time install on SuSE (rcsysv-suse6.0 and rcsysv-suse5.0). This should be much better now :-)