linuxconf 1.13r14.1 changes log

linuxconf 1.13r14.1 changes log

previous versions: 1.13r14
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Enhancement to the GUI protocol: textarea

A new widget has been defined in the GUI protocol. This is textarea (a simple text editor). So far, linuxconf does not use it. Linuxconf-gui (wxxt-linuxconf) fully support it. gnome-linuxconf has to be fixed. The ncurses mode also has to be completed

Some fixes for debian (file permissions)

Some contrib fixes has been merged. Some other contrib will follow soon

Support for the NFS nolock mount option

This is for the new nolock (in kernel 2.2) NFS mount option.

Bug fixes

Small fix for SuSE install

The had a typo (an == instead of an = sign) in it.