linuxconf 1.13r14 changes log

linuxconf 1.13r14 changes log

previous versions: 1.13r12
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1.13r14 is mostly a bug fix release. It starts also a reorganization of the Linuxconf project, mostly the Linuxconf web site. Starting with this change log, the site is going more and more dynamic, making my life much easier. This should allows me to make more releases and provide bug fixes in a timely manner.


Configuring a new network device

When you were configuring a new network device, for which no kernel module is currently loaded, Linuxconf was not activating the networking state. You either had to reboot or manually load the kernel module for Linuxconf to notice. This was only visible on Red Hat (when using the --hint facility) Fixed!

Host routing fixed

Linuxconf was not properly setting host routes. Fixed!

Installing the wrong rpm ...

Some people installed version for redhat-4.x on redhat 5.2. While those version are produced from the same sources, version produced for redhat-5.1 and 5.2 are dealing differently with user accounts: They are using the /usr/sbin/userxxx utilities and PAM.

Unfortunately, an RPM produced for redhat-4.x installed on redhat-5.2 which was supposed to operated correctly, was producing all kinds of strange result. For one, Linuxconf was stopping to update passwd files completely.

Now this is fixed. And Linuxconf spits one notice message to tell you that you have the improper version. But installing the wrong RPM should be armless ... now. way

IP aliases on kernel 2.2

Linuxconf is moving to support kernel 2.2. Not everything is ready yet but IP aliases should work now. There does not seem to be a way to have this as a module and there does not seem to be a way to find out if the kernel does support aliasing.. So for now, Linuxconf relaxes its check and configures the aliases.

More translations

I have received update for Finnish and Swedish

Stuff DNS reverse zone at creation time

When you create a new DNS reverse zone (, the dnsconf module walks all the other zone and preset this new zone. After that dnsconf will maintain the reverse mapping transparently, as it has always done. This is handy as we generally "learn" about those reverse zone well after the DNS is created :-)

Support for netbios-node-type in dhcpd

The dialog has been enhanced to support this new field. A combo box type (text field with helper pop-up) presents the available choices.

Support for SuSE 6.0

The install script in the RPM has been enhanced to deal with SuSE 6.0. They still work on SuSE 5.x. I have not received my SuSE 6.0 package, so for now can't test this. I can't produce SuSE RPM for 6.0 as well.

syncmsg now usable for independent modules

Until now, module developed outside of the Linuxconf tree were not as easy to translate and keep up to date by translators. To get started in a module (say managerpm), one just have to do

make LANG=id syncmsg

The first time, it creates the dictionary file for the language ID. The next time, it will update the file with the changes.

Updating the DNS from the dhcpd server

Netbios names with spaces are valid. Linuxconf turn those spaces into - before updating the DNS, This yields usable DNS names.

Bug fixes

Error message while installing

Linuxconf is called during some package installation (its own installation) and in some condition, reports errors. Until now, Linuxconf was confused not to be able to display the error message interactively (no tty available) and was quitting. It now output those on the error channel and continue operation (if possible).

The HTML demo works again

The demo available at is working again. Have fun!

vdeliver and accentuated chars in aliases

vdeliver was going mad with accentuated character in aliases file. It was looping for ever, sending error mail one after the other. Fixed!