linuxconf 1.13r12 changes log

linuxconf 1.13r12 changes log

previous versions: 1.13r10
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Updating the DNS out of DHCP information

Since version 1.13r9, it is possible to update the DNS from the DHCP server by using a special command line:

linuxconf --modulemain dhcpd --updatedns

To use this command line, one has to fill the "Update DNS domain" field because DHCP host entry only provide a name, not a name + domain. Once this is done, you can put in a cron job something like this:

if linuxconf --modulemain dhcpd --updatedns
In 1.13r12, we are going a bit further. There is now a checkbox in the dialog, right below the "Update DNS domain" field. It is called "Update DNS from cron". You select this checkbox and a special command "/usr/lib/linuxconf/lib/" is added to root cron. You UN-check it and it is removed. It can't be easier :-)