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1.30r3Module samba: veto files in global section2003-02-24
1.30r2Module samba: more smb.conf fields2003-02-16
1.30r2Module samba: users and groups validation2003-02-16
1.28r2Module samba: more share features2002-07-20
1.28r1Module samba: user validation and PDC feature2002-07-02
1.28Module samba: setting the SMB password2002-05-27
1.28Module samba: ldap support2002-05-27
1.26r2Module samba: create and directory mask2001-10-01
1.25r7Module samba: preexec close2001-06-13
1.21r8Module samba: updating an SMB account2000-10-26
1.19Module samba: /etc/smb.conf corrupted2000-06-30
1.17r9Module samba: remote browse sync2000-04-05
1.17r8Module samba: Server identification2000-03-31
1.16r4samba: domain logons feature1999-10-15
1.16r3.1samba: Deleting a user account1999-09-08
1.16r3samba: netlogon share. Problem with logon entries1999-08-31
1.16r0.1Samba module: more features1999-05-24
1.16r0.1Samba helps reworked1999-05-24
1.16samba: security = user, server or share1999-05-21
1.15r0.3samba enhancement1999-04-29
1.13r15.1Optional [global] directive in /etc/smb.conf1999-03-09