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1.26r5module pppdialin: script ppplogin2002-01-03
1.21r5Module pppdialin: noauth in ppplogin script2000-09-30
1.17r10Module pppdialin: Bug fix in ppplogin2000-04-07
1.16r9Module pppdialin and fire-walling1999-11-26
1.16r7Module pppdialin: noauth PPP option1999-11-19
1.16r7pppdialin: new command line option1999-11-19
1.16r4pppdialin: noauth option added to ppplogin1999-10-15
1.16pppdialin: no default local IP1999-05-21
1.14r1pppdialin is more complete (postlogin config)1999-03-14
1.13r14.2Providing the local IP for each PPP acccount1999-03-02
1.13r14.2pppdialin was not handling the proxyarp ppp option1999-03-02