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1.34r2Module mailconf: double bounce2004-11-17
1.34r2Virtual email domains: vacation start/stop2004-11-17
1.34Module mailconf: creating new vdomain in web mode2004-09-14
1.33r6Module mailconf: vacation text too large2004-09-14
1.33r6vdeliver, procmail and vacation2004-09-14
1.33r4mailconf vmilter: support for DSN2004-07-27
1.33r4mailconf vmilter: mode debug2004-07-27
1.33r3Module mailconf: syntax for milter2004-07-02
1.33r3Module mailconf: milter and full name2004-07-02
1.33r2Mailconf module: vmilter2004-06-24
1.33r2Mailconf module: Complex user routing2004-06-24
1.33r2Mailconf module: aliases2004-06-24
1.33r2Mailconf module: white spaced in aliases2004-06-24
1.33r1Module mailconf: vmilter case insensitive2004-05-19
1.33Module mailconf: single URL for password modification2004-05-13
1.33Module mailconf: supporting milter2004-05-13
1.33Module mailconf: milter to identify vmail users2004-05-13
1.33Module mailconf: vdeliver2004-05-13
1.32Module mailconf: updating sendmail.ct2003-10-30
1.31r3Module mailconf: procmail for virtual accounts2003-09-09
1.31r1Module mailconf: /etc/mail/trusted_users2003-07-15
1.31Module mailconf: vacation2003-05-12
1.31Module mailconf: /etc/mail/sendmail.ct2003-05-12
1.31Module mailconf: alias co-manager2003-05-12
1.30r2virtual email domain: vdeliver and aliases2003-02-16
1.30Module mailconf: listen address and port2003-01-18
1.30Module vacation: number of addresses in db2003-01-18
1.30Module mailconf: adding aliases2003-01-18
1.29r1Module mailconf: aliases co-administrator2002-10-29
1.29r1Virtual email domain: fallback and aliases enhancements2002-10-29
1.29r1Virtual email domain co-administrator2002-10-29
1.29Module mailconf: vacation support in user accounts2002-10-12
1.29Module mailconf: queue management2002-10-12
1.28r3vdeliver: time-out detection2002-08-18
1.28r1Module mailconf: vacation web page for vdomains2002-07-02
1.28r1Module mailconf: ORDB support2002-07-02
1.28Module mailconf: anti relay rules2002-05-27
1.27r5mailconf: virtual email domain and MD5 passwords2002-04-20
1.27Handling email vdomain user accounts2002-02-04
1.27vpop3d: some glitches2002-02-04
1.26r5Module mailconf: vdomains and vregistry2002-01-03
1.26r5virtual email domains: vdeliver bug2002-01-03
1.26r3vpop3d and the mbox command2001-10-24
1.26r3Virtual email domains: vdeliver enhancements2001-10-24
1.26Module mailconf: complex routing2001-08-27
1.26Module mailconf: more SMTP features2001-08-27
1.26Module mailconf: virtual domain delivery2001-08-27
1.25r7Module mailconf: amavis mailer template2001-06-13
1.25r7Module mailconf: Accept email for the host2001-06-13
1.25r6Module mailconf: authwarnings2001-05-15
1.25r6Module mailconf: fixes for amavis filter2001-05-15
1.25r5Module mailconf: probing network interfaces2001-05-08
1.25r5Module mailconf: amavis mailer2001-05-08
1.25r3Module mailconf: virtual account disk quota2001-04-06
1.24r9module mailconf: long aliases2001-03-12
1.24r9Module mailconf: reworked menu2001-03-12
1.24r9Module mailconf: privacy options2001-03-12
1.24r8Module mailconf: some publicity2001-03-03
1.24r4Module mailconf: support for Amavis2001-01-24
1.24Module mailconf: auth timeout2001-01-09
1.21r7Module mailconf: managing the queue2000-10-21
1.21r5Module mailconf: little problems with relay and spam dialogs2000-09-30
1.21r4Module mailconf: noexpn and novrfy2000-09-27
1.21r3Module mailconf: vdomain locking2000-09-18
1.21r2Module mailconf: edit aliases2000-09-12
1.19r2Module mailconf: support for RealTime Blackhole List (RBL)2000-07-25
1.18r7Module mailconf: Some anti-spam fix in rule-sets2000-06-14
1.17r6Module mailconf: vdomain cleanup2000-03-10
1.17r4Module mailconf: new --generatecf command line2000-02-23
1.17r4Module mailconf: new URL to change vuser password2000-02-23
1.16r10Module mailconf: command lines to deal with email aliases1999-12-01
1.16r9Module mailconf: virtual domain visibility1999-11-26
1.16r8Small fix for archiving of vdomain config files1999-11-24
1.16r6virtual email domain: filter program1999-11-08
1.16r6Email aliases: redirecting to the same account1999-11-08
1.16r4virtual email domains: Adding users from the command line1999-10-15
1.16r3.3virtual user account creation command line1999-10-04
1.16r2mailconf: max recipient per message1999-08-03
1.16r1.2mailconf: support for popauth1999-07-21
1.16r1.1mailconf: generation strategy1999-07-13
1.16r1.1mailconf: supports /etc/mail/sendmail.cw1999-07-13
1.15r3.1user account: mail redirection1999-05-13
1.15r3.1virtual email domain: delivery1999-05-13
1.15r3mailconf: basic sendmail configuration dialog1999-05-12
1.15r0.1Do not regenerate the sendmail database unless ...1999-04-22
1.14r3mailconf: user aliases1999-04-07
1.13r15.1disk quota for vdomain inboxs1999-03-09