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1.29r3Module inetdconf: disable=yes support in xinetd.d files2002-11-21
1.29r1module inetdconf: xinetd interface keyword2002-10-29
1.25r5Module inetdconf: xinetd supports2001-05-08
1.21r5Module inetdconf: firewall and FTP2000-09-30
1.18r2Module inetdconf: link to managerpm2000-05-09
1.18r1Module inetdconf: few updates2000-05-06
1.17r10Module inetdconf: glitch while fiddling with wait/nowait2000-04-07
1.17r9Module inetdconf: firewall and 192.168.X.0 network2000-04-05
1.17r4Module inetdconf: a new fire-walling system2000-02-23
1.17r1Module inetdconf: New1999-12-24