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1.29r3Module dnsconf: more virtual registry2002-11-21
1.29r1Module dnsconf: using the virtual registry2002-10-29
1.29Module dnsconf: TTL parsing2002-10-12
1.28r3Module dnsconf: virtual registry enhancement2002-08-18
1.28r2Module dnsconf: more validations2002-07-20
1.26r3Module dnsconf: secondary zone with many primaries2001-10-24
1.26r2Module dnsconf: more command lines2001-10-01
1.26r2Module dnsconf: zone transfer2001-10-01
1.25r7Module dnsconf: updating the DNS from the host configuration2001-06-13
1.25r3Module dnsconf: allow-recursion supported2001-04-06
1.25r3Module dnsconf: classless delegation2001-04-06
1.25Module dnsconf: interactive updates from network config2001-03-13
1.24r9Module dnsconf: classless reverse mapping, take 22001-03-12
1.24r8Module dnsconf: edit the ttl field2001-03-03
1.24r8Module dnsconf: time to live bug2001-03-03
1.24r8Module dnsconf: many MX and NS record2001-03-03
1.24r4Module dnsconf: reverse for sub-nets2001-01-24
1.24Module dnsconf: sorting2001-01-09
1.24/var/named/sec permissions2001-01-09
1.23r2Module dnsconf: keyword key2000-12-19
1.23Module dnsconf: few fixes2000-12-05
1.22Module dnsconf: two update in a row2000-11-09
1.21r8Module dnsconf: more validation2000-10-26
1.21r6Module dnsconf: case insensitive2000-10-10
1.21r4Module dnsconf: segfault while creating a domain2000-09-27
1.21r3Module dnsconf: new --newsecondary command line2000-09-18
1.21r3Module dnsconf: update zone files as needed2000-09-18
1.21r3Module dnsconf: template domain2000-09-18
1.20r2Module dnsconf: bug while creating a new zone2000-08-15
1.20r1Module dnsconf: adding comments to zone2000-08-13
1.20r1Module dnsconf: data class2000-08-13
1.20Module dnsconf: parsing of chaos, hs and hesiod keyword2000-08-09
1.19r1Module dnsconf: support for ! in named.conf2000-07-03
1.19r1Module dnsconf: reloading instead of restart2000-07-03
1.18r7Module dnsconf: Support for $ttl directive2000-06-14
1.17r8dnsconf was crashing with some invalid named.conf2000-03-31
1.17r1Module dnsconf: include files in named.conf1999-12-24
1.16r10Module dnsconf: parsing ip/subnet1999-12-01
1.16r7Module dnsconf: syncing basic host information and DNS1999-11-19
1.16r6.1dnsconf: MX with same priority1999-11-09
1.16r6.1dnsconf: time in the SOA records1999-11-09
1.16r1.4dnsconf: Finding first available IP1999-07-30
1.16r1.3dnsconf: new command line1999-07-21
1.16r1.1dnsconf: ttl fields not optional1999-07-13
1.16r1forward zone in dnsconf1999-06-12
1.15r2.3dnsconf: Problems with comments breaking SOA records1999-05-12
1.15r0.3dnsconf enhancement1999-04-29
1.15r0.2rework for secondaries1999-04-27
1.15r0.1Some parsing problem in /etc/named.conf1999-04-22
1.14r3.1dnsconf: setting the notify field for primaries1999-04-08
1.14r3dnsconf: IP allocation range1999-04-07
1.14r3dnsconf: notify field handling1999-04-07
1.14r3dnsconf corrupting SOA records1999-04-07
1.14r2dnsconf: more support for bind8 features1999-03-29
1.13r15.1The TXT record now supported in dns zone files1999-03-09
1.13r15HINFO and RP records now supported in DNS1999-03-07
1.13r15Delete DNS domain from the command line1999-03-07
1.13r14Stuff DNS reverse zone at creation time1999-02-18