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1.31Module dialout: more vregistry support2003-05-12
1.25r7Module dialout: --disconnect --all2001-06-13
1.22Module dialout: the connect button2000-11-09
1.21r3Module dialout and redhatppp: hidden password2000-09-18
1.21Module dialout: On-boot races2000-08-30
1.16r9Module dialout and fire-walling1999-11-26
1.16r7Module dialout: reworked dialog1999-11-19
1.16r7Module dialout: alternate chat script did not work1999-11-19
1.16r3.2dialout: reworked configuration dialog1999-09-23
1.16r1.2dialout: pre connect command1999-07-21
1.15r0.1pppd idle-disconnect parameter1999-04-22
1.13r14.2PPP over ssh: no need for IPs on client side1999-03-02