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1.29Module dhcpd: parsing ddns-update-style2002-10-12
1.28Module dhcpd: show leases2002-05-27
1.27r4Module dhcpd: ddns-update-style2002-04-15
1.26Module dhcpd: sorting the lease file2001-08-27
1.25r2Module dhcpd: Wrong validations2001-03-30
1.24r8Module dhcpd: inter-module API2001-03-03
1.24r4Module dhcpd: More validations2001-01-24
1.23Module dhcpd: dhcp to dns2000-12-05
1.22Module dhcpd: fixes dhcpd.leases path on rh72000-11-09
1.21r4Module dhcpd: Updating the DNS2000-09-27
1.21r4Module dhcpd: parsing problem with ranges2000-09-27
1.21Module dhcpd: DHCP to DNS2000-08-30
1.19Module dhcpd: DHCP to DNS2000-06-30
1.16r7module dhcpd: glitch in probing affecting fire-walling1999-11-19
1.16r4dhcpd: More filtering while updating the DNS1999-10-15
1.16r3.1dhcpd: Fix for the host-name tag1999-09-08
1.16r1DHCP module: several ranges per network1999-06-12
1.16r0.1DHCP to DNS revisited1999-05-24
1.15r2.2dhcpd updating the DNS1999-05-11
1.15r2.2dhcpd range statement1999-05-11
1.13r14Updating the DNS from the dhcpd server1999-02-18
1.13r14Support for netbios-node-type in dhcpd1999-02-18
1.13r12Updating the DNS out of DHCP information1999-01-16