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1.30Module apache: include directive with wild-cards2003-01-18
1.28Module apache: quoted value2002-05-27
1.26r3Module apache: check-box fields2001-10-24
1.26Module apache: SSL management fix2001-08-27
1.21r8Module apache: overrides2000-10-26
1.18r3Module apache: Bug with the Files directive2000-05-12
1.16r3.2apache: glitch corrupting the httpd.conf file1999-09-23
1.16r3.2help screen for the apache module1999-09-23
1.16r3.2apache: virtual hosts list using web mode1999-09-23
1.16r3.1Apache: serveradmin and serveralias solved1999-09-08
1.16r1.1apache: supporting namevirtualhost1999-07-13
1.16r0.1Apache module: htpasswd edition1999-05-24
1.15r3.1Apache clearmodulelist directive1999-05-13
1.15r2.1Apache module: new features1999-05-10
1.15r0.3Apache module getting more complete and reliable1999-04-29
1.15r0.2apache ssl support and scope directives1999-04-27
1.14r2httpd.conf: better handling of unknown directives1999-03-29