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Here you will find
  • Linux-only projects
  • Open-source under the Gnu Public License (GPL).
Our goal: To make Linux easier to use.
The projects Last version Date
Linuxconf: An admin/configuration tool 1.34r32005-01-18 12:08:47
Linux based diskless X terminal toolkit 2.42001-03-27 14:10:15
File-systems: VirtualFS/RemAudio/Aclfs 1.432004-06-01 16:33:35
NT to Linux migration kit 200007022000-07-03 14:16:03
TLMP: A new programming paradigm
      tlmpsql 1.102003-02-14 16:49:45
      tlmpweb 1.222001-10-09 17:55:48
      tlmpwork 0.62002-04-15 15:14:34
Virtual private servers 0.402005-08-10 15:24:26
Publish home dirs with WebDav 0.12004-06-01 14:02:11
And various little projects

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