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The blackhole project is a solution to simplify routing
and firewalls. It simplifies yet increases security and flexibility.
It is meant for datacenters. It allows communication between independent
networks using a central configuration (who can talk to who).
It does so while making all routing and firewalling simple,
restrictive and uniform across all servers and firewalls.


Very high performance file transfert
working on top of SSH (no daemon to run).
It uses an ssh connection as control and to
setup a data channel. Can saturate pretty much any link


Host based intrusion detection
using enhanced bsd accounting files.
It spots unusual process trees
(ex: httpd calling something it never called before).
It works in combination with the vserver project.


Hardware asset monitoring
Scan linux servers and log
model,manufacture,serial number,...
for memory,drive,motherboard,...


Multi-user serial console access. Alternative to KVMs.
Great to configure routers, switch and unix/linux servers.


Extension to the C++ language allowing reusable
software components. Implements the software IC

All the projects above are implemented using TLMP.